Bite-Size Belief: Enjoying the Goodness of Strangers

Yesterday, I was making my way through the city on the crosstown bus. The cheerful bus driver was using the microphone to converse with commuters “How are you doing today?” “Have you said hello to your neighbor? Say hi and smile!” I couldn’t help but laugh and smile to myself over this sweet man. In a setting where people are so physically close to one another, we act as if we cannot see each other. “Any birthdays in the crowd?” “Lets wish Anna a happy one and sing!” To my surprise, the entire bus broke out in a happy-birthday sing along. Out of the goodness or his heart, this man was making everyone’s day a little bit brighter and connecting us to one another. Before I get off the bus he says, “Half of our worries today, we won’t even remember 5 years from now, seize the day and live!” As public transpiration creates connection  from one place to another I am grateful for this bus driver for making the space for human connection. Sending you a smile #payitforward


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